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a female capable of deepthroating a large male member.
This gag hag had me all the way in when I shot my spadge.
by netteach March 14, 2003
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a groupie for comedians. A fan of comedy who tries to sleep with the comic after a gig because they want to fuck the stage persona they just saw. Will often sleep with many comedians during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Also a comedian who does stand-up just to increase his chances of getting laid, especially if they are very ugly and/or fat.
She's slept with everyone on the bill, and she's got her eye on the compere tonight. She's such a gag hag!
by lady comic January 21, 2007
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1. An adjective used to describe an unfortunate, boring, lame, or otherwise displeasing person, place, idea, thing, or event.

2. When used as a verb, this is the act of gag-hagging or hob-gobbling someone. Gag-hagging someone generally refers to performing clumsy, often disgruntled fellatio upon a willing or un-willing male, typically as a form of sexual assault or punishment. Hob-gobbling is similar to gag-hagging, though hob-gobbling commonly involves no actual nudity, and is often performed through clothes.

3. A person who has been "gagged" or "hobgobbled" at the notorious website "".

4. Gag-hag is commonly varied simply by the replacement of either "gag" or "hag" with a rhyming monosyllable, such as "bag-hag" or "gag-fag".
Did you see those gag-hags back there? That whole place was fuggin' gag-hag to begin with. I bet I could gag-hag one of those guys and they wouldn't even know it.

After my first encounter with a gag-hag, I just couldn't help myself. I wound up on "Judge Judy" with a black eye and a tracheotomy scar.
by Coco Dildo September 29, 2005
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Groupie hoes that bang nothing but stand up comics. Gag hags have nothing better to do than to hang around looking to fuck comics.
Those girls are some hoes. They've fucked every comic from the Pineapple to the Big Apple. They are the definition of gag hags!
by funny bish January 12, 2010
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1. A hag that commonly gags.
2. A funky fresh playa hater.
3. A jerk, or rude person.
4. A tricked out crimson criminal, who plays by his own nasty rules.
5. A person who is commonly unkempt.
6. A nasty gurl who commonly pulls pranks or plays jokes on others.
7. One who frequents the web-site by the same name.
8. One who participates on the web-site of the same name.
9. A good ole' boy, with a dirty twist.
Robert, Corey, Taylor, Ebay(Evan), Alex, Mitch, Condoleeza Rice, Ben, Cameron, Aimy, Chrissy, and Clay are all Gag hags.
by Clay-Bone September 06, 2005
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