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A derivitive of a Yiddish word meaning "friend", a gabber is a person who likes hardcore techno originating out of Rotterdam that goes by the same name. The name was coined supposedly when a club bouncer stopped someone, saying "Gabber, you can't come in here." Gabber can be used widely however, such as for a substitute for "dude" or "brother". Gabbers are also often mistakingly confused with neo-Nazis because they sometimes have shaven heads and wear black leather.
Gabber, get in the car.

Pump some of that gabber music!

Those gabbers are dancing like crazy!
by Chris Beddow September 26, 2005
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Extreme, twisted and insane hardcore techno. Happy hardcore without the happy.
Has deep roots in Holland, Germany, and Scotland.
If you haven't listened to any before I reccommend Fracture4-Lord of sunbeds.
by J January 20, 2005
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Its a person who likes hardcore/happy hardcore/early-rave music, the word gabber originates from the dutch word that means 'friend'. The whole scene also originates from holland especially rotterdam. The gabber was born in the early ninetees with early rave music. Most gabbers don't have too much hair on their head and prefer to wear tracksuits. Most 'real' gabbers use drugs frequently (especially xtc).

There is one specific gabber dance which is called "hakken".(if u wanna see some wannabe's 'hak', google it)

These days the gabber scene still lives on but in a different way.
The music became tougher. The most popular events these days are thunderdome and masters of hardcore. Popular Dj's are Dj Paul/promo/angerfist/tommyknocker and alot more dutch/italian dj's.

Some misunderstandings are around that the gabbers are rascists but a gabber is all about the music and having fun going out.
The music has nothing to do with nazism or anything related to that, sure there are exceptations but there are exceptations in everything.
Man , that was an insane gabber party!
Those gabbers sure know how to have fun!
by Kalegek May 29, 2006
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Also known as simply "Hardcore", it is a fast and very heavy style of Electronic (Techno) music, and should not be confused with Hardstyle. What stands out in this style is that the bass drum is prominently distorted, often to the point where it doubles as the bass note, and the pitch is almost always the first or fifth scale degree of the scale used in the song. These songs often contain sound clips from other means of entertainment, most notably from Hip Hop acapellas. However, the use of original lyrics in this music is not unheard of.

Angerfist, Neophyte, Outblast, Noize Suppressor, The Stunned Guys, and The Wishmaster are all notable artists of this kind of music.
Guy #1: "Dude, where's the best place to hear someone spin some Gabber?"

Guy #2: "Definitely at the event, Masters Of Hardcore!"
by chuckphantom October 05, 2010
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The origins of the Gabber go back to it's most raw form, one fried egg on a piece of white bread. In those early days the Gabber was jockying for position alongside the now defunct Grilled Guvee (Grilled Government issue cheese on WIC bread). By 1992 the Gabber was being constructed with bacon and later grilled ham and soon after that, hot and/or sweet sausage. The name Gabber has always remained, but often referred to by it's meat additive such as; Double-Edge Bacon, Ham Gabber. The sausage sandwiches are referred to as Hot-Bone Gabber, and Candy-Ass Gabber respectively.
Gee I'm hungry this morning. A Gabber would really hit the spot.
by Irish Johnny G April 05, 2011
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Hard, fast and unmercyles music. Generally gives you the impression that the writter shouldn't be allowed near playgrounds...
If you love cranking up your bpm, you will
Hellfish - Destined For Destruction
kid 606
by Luke j August 29, 2005
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A bi-lingual person who speaks perfect English with English speaking people, but purposely tries to put their native accent on when speaking with a group of the same ethnicity
My mom is always gabbering, she speaks perfect English with all the white Canadian moms but once the Filipino moms come its like shes speaking as a whole different person
by Thunderbirds November 09, 2015
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