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Spanish derogatory term that refers to any person who's public behavior at work or on the social sphere deserves severe disapproval.
Originally the term referred to farmhand or laborer. 'Sucker', 'jerk', 'moron' would come close enough in the English language, though Gañán contains such a degree of preciseness and insightfulness that it is unmatched in any other language both in its rudeness and its humor.

My boss is unable to make a point or take a decision. He's such a gañan . Wonder how he became boss.
'Man, my boss always says the wrong thing. He's an embarrassment to my firm. He constantly acts like a gañan . He even looks like one.
'My boss snaps like a bitch when her mood changes. She then resembles a real gañan .
by Irish_Banker October 09, 2008
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