A female in the military who sleeps her way up in rank. A slut that sucks cock for promotions. A home-wrecker who doesn't care if the military man she is sleeping with has a family as long as it gets her what she wants.
CPT. Titty McGee is a G.I. Hoe because she sleeps with married officers to further her career, sucks dick for discounts on goods and services and is on websites looking for a sugar daddy.
by Good.is.subjective February 18, 2015
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A woman in the military who sleeps around to rise up military rank.
Soldier 1: Did you see Stacy has been promoted to corporal

Soldier 2: What? She was buck private last week
Soldier 1: yeah she's a real G.I. Hoe If you know what I mean.
by Not Really JTanis7 May 30, 2017
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A girl who chases and seduces men in uniform. Like puck slut but for bitches who love military men.
Did you see that girl at recess?

Yeah she’s a total G.I. hoe
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by Bussy July 26, 2018
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