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Person or people who look, act and dress shady enough to look like they are a thug in a gang
1. Your walking down the street at night with a friend and you see a group of people in a dark ally with a hoodies over their head. You turn to your friend and say lets not go that way theres some g-thugs hanging around there.
by Lamenade February 21, 2008
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Refering to one who is a G and is convinced that he/she is the best at everything. Picks fights with everyone.
There's that G thug we saw brawling at the bar yesterday.
by Wrath Of Goat June 25, 2003
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mouli goes-camila you look mad G,thug, in those glasses and sweater.
camila goes-IM G-thug.

camila's an idiot, and misunderstood mouli's ghetto speaking habits.
you look OD g-thug.
g-thug twins biatch.
by camilalala September 14, 2007
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