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Fuck Yea, It's Friday! TGIF is old and out of date, introducing the new and IMPROVED TGIF. Fuck Yea, It's Friday!
Person 1: Man I can't wait to go to the club tonight
Person 2: Oh, damn. You're right. FYIF!
Person 1: Hellz yea man!
by asdhdfd January 17, 2008
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Acronym for "Fuck Yeah its Friday"

Opposite TGIF:

Heard of TGIF right? "Thank God its Friday". In the eyes and mind of the none believers, God has not a thing to do with the man made construct of Friday. For example, everyday could be Happyday, Wootimstillaliveday or just Today. FYIF is an alternative to replace TGIF. Its a bit more badass and is God sanitary (just like Friday).
"FYIF everyone!!!"

"Good news everyone, FYIF!"

"Mmmm beer... FYIF!"

"It's been a long week, FYIF!"
by Steventon March 05, 2010
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tommy: ur such a bitch

me: haha wateverr fyif;
by thebest011 November 26, 2009
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