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a phrase made famous by the youtube video "david blaine spoof."
The two gay guys he is showing his "magic" to repeatedly say this after he does something crazy. Used to describe something ridiculous or incomprehensible. Or as a random outburst, fake expletive or exclamation.
"David blaine" : Are you sure you didn't buy a teddy bear?
1st guy: Yes I'm sure I didn't...
Both: What the eff? What the EFF!!
by asdhdfd November 17, 2007

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Fuck Yea, It's Friday! TGIF is old and out of date, introducing the new and IMPROVED TGIF. Fuck Yea, It's Friday!
Person 1: Man I can't wait to go to the club tonight
Person 2: Oh, damn. You're right. FYIF!
Person 1: Hellz yea man!
by asdhdfd January 17, 2008

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past tense of to chill. also spelled incorrectly as chilled
i chill, you chill, he/she/it chills.
i chillt, you chillt, he/she/it chillt
by asdhdfd November 29, 2007

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