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Someone thats so picky about their food and is always complaining about it. They could be at the dinner table and hates all the food thats there. A lot of times these people only want the food that they want and wouldn't want to eat what ever they got. These people like to complain non stop until they get the food they want. There is all sorts of reasons for fussy eaters to complain about. An example would be, I dont like this, this smells bad, this doesnt look good, i dont like the way the food sounds, the food looks too dark, the food looks like shit, i want Mcdonalds, I want more meat, i dont like vegetables, this is cooked too much, the food is too cold, i want more ketchup, i want french fries, I want ice cream, the food stinks, i didnt want cheese, the meats is too tough, the food is too soft, i want fried food.................... Those are examples of what a fussy eater might say. Fussy eaters complain way too much about the food they get. Often times they want junk food or food that taste good. A lot of times they hate healthy food because it doesnt taste good. Some of them just dont like any foods at all because they get grossed out by anything. Often they are very picky and dont want to try new things.
My cousin is a very fussy eater
by tatomuck1 October 27, 2008
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