a f-ing whore. someone you do not like tends to be on the skanky side.
this girl i know is a fure. she knwos someone named o.
by hahahah February 27, 2005
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That chick is too fured to even walk outside at night during a blackout.
by mrspook21 July 9, 2009
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You play basketball in those shoes too much your shoes going to be fured
by slick_kid_15 July 4, 2015
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A peng ting boy who dusts off the haters and slides into girls DMs easily
Fure is the longest ting I ever seen
by Ffffffffurrrrrrrre November 13, 2017
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Fure is a combination of two words, Fucking and Fire. Usually used to describe something that is really Fire.
"Bro this weed is Fure"
"I can't wait to go to the concert, shits going to be Fure"
"Did you see Kodak's Chain? Shit is Fure"
by BadgerCadger October 31, 2018
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Like “for-sure” only saidfure-sure
Kristy: U can pick him up it saves me gas.

Me: ok, “fure-sure” I can pic him up.
by Beanna butt January 14, 2019
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