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short for furcadia a whimsical place where people can play as furries
i love furc
by Druid|Douglas January 29, 2004
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1. Short for an online MMORPG thats so totally cool. When said in-game, the smart people know you mean the game, and the stupid idiots who have had their minds rotted out by AOL think you mean (the second definition).

2. When you want to say fuck but are too polite.
1. My Furc client is screwed up!

2. Furc ya'll!!!
by The Moste effacious Raiucaitan~ November 06, 2004
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Fat Ugly Roommate Commune.

A commune established circa September 2006, to provide support and encouragement for those of a more unfortunate appearance. FURC, however, also includes the behavioral and social aspects of those harboring poor physical attributes. FURC encompasses hygienic and personal inferiorities, both literally and figuratively.
In order to be initiated into the exclusive FURC society, one must display poor hygiene, a severe lack of social graces, an insatiable appetite, and have the ability to induce vomiting in the opposite sex; "beer goggles" has no meaning. Membership to FURC is specifically for those members with a bodacious roommate, who constantly feel the pressures of her hawtness encroaching upon their civil liberties and general self-consciousness. The hawt roommate, however, may practice "down-FURCing," in which she shall lower her standards in order to engage in intimate activities with members of the male sector of FURC.
FURCs must be able to accept and acknowledge their inferiorities and freely sing about them.
I'm so full, but I can't stop eating. God bless, FURC!

FURCalicious definition, make those boys go uhhhhhgggllglgl.

I be up in my room, jus' eatin' forty bagels, she's my witness, I put them boys on HELL NAH. They be ridin' down the block just to run from what I got.

I can't believe "Sally" down-FURCed herself this weekend! That's the third time this month!
by uglybish December 12, 2007
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