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funny and annoying at the same time
L - Hey, look at this pic.
V - ...That's disturbing...
C - Nah, that's funnoying.
by V-person November 05, 2006
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The mix between being funny and annoying. When the guy is fucking up in every way but its so funny that you have to laugh (usually fucks up with a girl).
Girl: "I am going to choke you in a minute if you don't annoying me!"
Guy: "Don't know you love it when I'm funnoying"
by Kirby987654321 April 24, 2015
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Something or someone that is funny at first but after awhile becomes irritating.
Don't invite Dave he is always funnoying. The beer commercial with "Wat's Up!" is funnoying
by Frogboy11101 July 15, 2010
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