when we put da UNK into fUNKy!! Or it describes some nastay stink.
1.Whatta funky smell! what hav u been eating? Dead Skunk?
2. "Funky party, where's the beer?" "Up my ass." "Random!"
by EAT_THE_FUNKY_CHICKEN_plz December 19, 2004
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Man 1 : Whoa, I'm so funky doing my DDR Moves!
Man 2 : You're a dumbass.
by cocklick June 29, 2003
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a word to use when your happy or when something cool happens.
i think its funky when you ______.
by ashley and nicole May 19, 2008
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Noun; f That special feeling you get when you're drunk and stoned at the same time. It's usually associated with a sense of intense love for everyone around you and a unique happiness. Funky people may also be prone to acts of wild ridiculousness.
Bro 1: dude. Like, nothing in the world could ever be better than this moment .
Bro 2: maaan, you've had 3 bowls of danky dank and I'm pretty sure you killed that whole fifth by yourself. You're funky as hell right now.

Bro 1: Yeah I'm pretty happy with life right now.....gimme a hug.
Bro 2: no...
Bro 1: then let's go climb that telephone pole. I wanna see how high I can get.

Bro 2: no
by PirateOfCapeGirardeau November 12, 2016
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can be used to take the place of a cuss word in a sentence when in the presence of a teacher;

can also be yelled out in chineese resturants and for some reason, it offends them
by wenus burger November 09, 2007
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A person who is interested or whose job is to be involved in the functional side of a project. This is in contrast to a techie who is interested in the technical aspects of a project.
The funkies at the meeting didn’t understand what the techies were talking about.
by Hsappa September 26, 2018
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Second most complex word in the urban language, see shit.
Means BOTH exceptionally good and extremely bad.
Player: “Check out my funky new FUBU Gear”
Player hater: “All I know is YOUR breath is funky”

“I dropped my Civic and that is funky, the gray primer paint job is also funky”
by PCGator July 14, 2004
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