1.) Funkateer is someone who is an PFUNK fan, and follower.
Did you see all of those funkateers "on the one", over there?
by Mr. Bigz April 6, 2005
The worlds most bangin thugs. Made up of Jake-Money, James-Money, Pete-Money, Ralph-Money,Murf-Money, Kevin-Money, Bill-Money, and Mark-Money.
"Yo, i heard th Funkateers are gonna be reppin' tonight!"
"Straight up!!!"
by jake September 17, 2004
ghettonot bein able to function well
that pencil is funkatated
by nikkie pooh May 30, 2004
v. to bring in the funk/noise.
it's time to funkatize this barmitzvah to the max! everyone do the hustle! oy vay!
by Cokane December 20, 2005