a pleasurable way of being punished, usually in a sexual way
I enjoyed hours of funishment for getting drunk and coming home with flowers.
by Jessie aka # 1 Stunna January 9, 2009
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A punishment that ends up being more fun than the thing you're being punished for doing in the first place.
by rob tough November 23, 2003
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Entering into some kind of fun activity that will leave you feeling pretty sore the next day, but with no regrets. Some examples include drinking heavily and stair diving.
Dude, are you up for some funishment on Friday?
by circuitron February 16, 2005
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Something that's supposed to be fun, but that is required, as a form of punishment, and is not actually fun.
My parents sent me to snowboarding camp last summer. It sucked! The worst funishment ever....
by luserX April 26, 2011
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Instead of being punished, in a (sorta) dom and sub relationship, you get funished (or a funishment). Where it isn't hurtful or painful, just a fun and kinky way to punish your partner for (agreed upon) stupid bad things.
I teasingly kiss my partners neck in public. They get embarrassed, so they make sure to funish me to make me embarrassed. To do that, They whisper kinky things in my ear making me go silent and red. We then laugh about how they funished me later.
by Silka C. March 16, 2020
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Funish means that some thing is sort of fun but not really
Oh going to the park seems funish
by funish September 7, 2015
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