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Funimate is a social media platform used to share lip-syncing videos of themselves (similar to musically).People can get featured or a lit with creative video ideas.People can get stared for gaining enough star points.Funimate is full of fun and joy,but you do get some horrible people on their,however you send funimate and email and they get banned.Funimate is such a brilliant app,I give it 5 stars !!!
β€œHave you downloaded the app funimate,it’s amazing ?!”
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A very weird cringe app that sometimes could be fun. But it is very cringe. Have fun!
by Carter is best November 09, 2016
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A social networking app similar to tiktok but has many more features
I love to use Funimate it’s way better than tiktok
by Yeee mum December 02, 2019
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