People who are unemployed and using the free time to have fun and explore new areas in their lives while they wait for their next job opportunity.
"Hey, man, I just love being funemployed now. I can have all day and night to enjoy my life and have fun, instead of working for The Man, you know."

-- overheard at a watercooler in a public library in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, June 29, 2009
by PRwiz101 July 3, 2009
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The state of being without a job, yet having lots of time to enjoy fun activities during otherwise normal working hours.
Hermina is funemployed, so after her workout on Wednesday morning, she went down to the beach and joined her other laid-off friends for a barbecue with margaritas and horseshoes.
by goo wyko February 5, 2009
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a person who, rather than getting a job, remains unemployed living off the bank of mum and dad, burning holes in their pockets like there's no tomorrow
Person 1: "Hey bro, how can that girl live a lifestyle so lavish when she doesn't even have a job"

Person 2: "Such a shame aye, I thought she was kinda cute, I could never scoop so low as to date a girl that's funemployed, imagine the daddy issues"
by sgbz19 May 29, 2019
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The state of having no job, but being financially sound (ie. rich parents) enough to have no need to persu employment or to have fear of consequences there in.
Goddamn Meg's dad is so rich, she's funemployed and ain't done shit for years.
by Track43 June 10, 2015
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