When you shit into her ass and have intercourse into it. Then you suck the pussy at the same time. You can suck and fuck all night long.
Man that was a good pussy fun time. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN
That one is the me when the in the cool of the fun in the hahahahahahahhaha.
is the in the of is no Funny Fun Time!
by the real cuphead April 6, 2022
Fun Time Freddy is a character from the game fnaf sister location. hes mostly know with his hand puppet bon bon
me; having you heard of fun time freddy?
person; who?
me; what
by bloesemboompje July 26, 2019
Where a gender fluid person has sex with another gender fluid person that look like videogame characters. The two people ussaly are ok to show sexual affection to each other infront of close friends.
by UntitledArtistAndAnimator October 15, 2017