The act of getting stoned as shit before going to plaster fun time
"Me and the Mrs had fun day. We had some lunch, walked through the park, then we decided to go have some blasted fun time. we smoked 3 bowls each in the car before we went in. everyone looked at us like we were crazy but we had a good time"
by DameonSpawn September 6, 2016
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When you and your boi are fucking and you both lean over the bed and kiss each other
Guy 1: you and the misses up for a fun time Freddy tonight?
Guy 2: fuck yeah bro see you at 8
by C0untry96 August 16, 2023
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Fun Time Freddy is a character from the game fnaf sister location. hes mostly know with his hand puppet bon bon
me; having you heard of fun time freddy?
person; who?
me; what
by bloesemboompje July 26, 2019
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That one is the me when the in the cool of the fun in the hahahahahahahhaha.
is the in the of is no Funny Fun Time!
by the real cuphead April 6, 2022
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The instance in which you masturbate and are laughing uncontrollably. Usually involving up to 10-15 people male or female.
by mrbigpapa123456 December 15, 2015
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