Adj. meaning all-out; with every effort; complete.
Why live life half-assed when you can live it full-assed?
by Shera Princess of Power August 18, 2003
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The opposite of half-ass. To perform at an exceptional level of quality. To truly devote oneself to the completion of a task.
Colin's analysis of the EDI file was nothing short of full-ass effort.
by Orcberg July 21, 2006
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When you have so much shit to do, that you have no choice but to full-ass all day, even if it means no batin'.
Man, I was full-assing it all day, I didn't even have time to pull a houdini on your mom.
by booty_jiggler69 March 10, 2009
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When you put your all into something, it is considered "full-ass". Because doing a bad job is considered "half-ass."
Last year I didn't really try hard enough at school. This year I'm going in full-ass!
by Deviant Fond June 19, 2021
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One Piece Zip-up or Botton-Down Pajamas, Footed and all....with No Butt-Flap!!!

Which clearly makes it a FULL ASS PAJAMA

Used in a sentence.......Its Way to hot for that "Full Ass Pajamas"
"Bitch Got On Some, "Full-Ass Pajamas"
by Ahampton September 25, 2013
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When you put your balls up someone's ass but leave your dick out so you can jack off on their back.
:oh man Why's your shirt all wet?
:Someone stuck their balls up my ass but left their dick out so they could jack off on my back.
:That sucks, you got a full ass sticky back
by GonzoPunch February 9, 2009
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It's when you have a phat ass

i.e ass = trunk

Trunk is phat
Phat ass , phat trunk

Is a trunk full of ass
by Shashay March 25, 2014
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