Someone is oftentimes guilty of being a really big bitch.
Matt Levy.

Matt Levy, why do you have to be such a biggity bitch all the time?
by Douglas Hughes August 20, 2006
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Someone who is such an annoying bitch ass faggot motherfucking shiteater that to save time, it's easier to just call him a biggity bitch.
Bill O'Reilly is a biggity bitch
by bigbizzle June 23, 2006
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referring to one who has exceeded bitchdom so is now promoted to biggity bitch.
that biggity bitch ditched us again.
by jack mcCullough July 25, 2005
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The bitchiest, lamest, and weakest of all bitches
That old lady who complained about getting extra ice cream is a biggity bitch.
by fourtwankygirl July 3, 2010
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When a nigga is such a bitch that his bitch matter has formed into a chytin shell around his body, turning him into a beetle bitch.
"Aye bro, you're trash at fortnite." - big biggity beetle bitch
"Why you gotta be such a big biggity beetle bitch all the time?" - niggato
by ll_akira_ll November 9, 2018
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A simp who gets kicked off the ABC's "The Bachelorette" on the first night.
I heard Hannah didn't give Brian a rose after the first night. Yeah, he's a biggity bitch.
by Krayballs December 31, 2022
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