An extemely shortened version of "fuck them."

Used as a derogatory term expressing hateful feelings.

Also used as "ignore them".
"Dude, those bitches just flipped us off!"
"Let's fukm up."

"Dude, they ditched us for the movie."
"Whatever, fukm."
by TheJEnigma February 25, 2004
An interesting name nonetheless,

A not so known, POC, with amazingly huge cake and milk jugs to fill all your dirty little fantasies to.

It is also assumed she changed her legal name to what she uses now, whether it was a publicity stunt, or just a name she liked, only she knows for now.
-1: "Bro did you hear about that new black chick Gogo Fukme? She's actually a pornstar, and a hot one at that!"
-2: "No way that's real! Let me check. Holy crap, shes real! and you weren't lying about how SEXY she is."
-1: "Told you!"
by adecoi June 29, 2022