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We're not dating, he's just my fuddy.
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
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A term to describe how you would feel in some of the worst situations.
Johnathon: Zydrunas is out for the whole season. Your gonna loose fantasy basketball.

Harrison: You better be lieing or Imma have to go completly fuddy up in this bitch!!!

Elanor: Ohh wrong move their Johnathon. Im goona leave before things get ugly!

Johnathon: It was just a joke. A stupid joke!! Please do not harm me. I will give you a dollar. I apologize your majesty!!! (proceeds to give harrison a dollar and kisses feet rigerously)
by Mistah Clean yo September 22, 2007
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To fake study, or in other words, to go on facebook, text, talk with friends, etc. and virtually get no work done.
John- "Dude, quit distracting I'm trying to study."
Jamal- "Nah man, you're fuddying to the max, you got facebook on and everything."
by Vb91 November 04, 2010
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To fuddy is to cack your dacks whilst farting
To take the F from fart and replace the M in muddy to enable the word creation of FUDDY is to follow through making gurgling like audio sound from anus in the duration of expelling air through the chocolate star fish.
by The Lion Heart January 02, 2012
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A Fuddy is another word for Fuck Buddy. A boy or girl who is there to just fuck as you please. This person can be someone you are friends with or someone who just hits you up late night.
I'm like totally wasted and refuse to end up with a random again. Like Blake I'm so texting him ! Who? My fuddy Dah!!!
by Capt. Skipper & Barbie Bacardi October 13, 2015
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fug wheres m fuddy guddamnit!
by told ya! March 06, 2004
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