a combination of all 3 curse words of fuck, shit, and bitch put together to show extreme displeasure mainly used on computer to avoid separating the words can also be used in real life situation.
fuckshitbitch i just died in this game again!!!
by Ouza May 16, 2008
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The word commonly used when a human a. Stubs their toe or b. Bites their tounge.

Also commonly used if very pissed off.
“Hey I’m going to look up fuckshitbitch in the urban Dictionary!”

(Stubs toe)

by Itispronounceddingers November 26, 2019
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used when someone really messes up or realizes something important that they forgot about.
Guy 1: What'd you get for question 4?
Guy 2: B
Guy 1: No it was C you must have forgotten to divide afterward.
Guy 2: OH fuckshitbitch,whore! You're right!
by drumking 37 June 22, 2009
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