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Fucklick is a verb describing the action of licking a fuck, and it also is a noun, if calling someone a fucklick or fucklicker.

It is the act of taking the tongue and sticking it out so as to lick the shaft of the penis as if fucks the vagina. The tongue may also rest upon the labia as the fucklick takes place.
Harry was drilling Abigail doggy-style, when Bernard decided to put down the video camera and give the two of them a fucklick.

James is such a fucklick!
by DeeDeeDime December 03, 2008
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A person cleans cock with tongue while it trusts in and out of 3rd persons ass or pussy.
That whore is a Fuck Lick.
by fistful of taint May 01, 2009
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An insult or sexual act:

1- A sad fucking excuse for a piece of shit person.

2- Licking your lover while fucking.
1- Brian is such a fucklick, his mom does his homework for head.

2- Hey, baby, let's fucklick.
by Magnimar February 24, 2004
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