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1. A person who is such an asshole that he supasses any name or remark.
Damn man I hate you so much.... you are a fuckfish!
by Jason July 23, 2003
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When a fake account catfish becomes a fuckboy by leading you on and making you believe that they love you, they are often referred to as a fuckfish.
Amanda: "He was obviously a fuckboy and a catfish. When we skyped, he was a 40 year old fat guy, not a cute 20 year old. He made me think he loved me and was a fake account."

Amy: "Wow, you got hit by a fuckfish, which is a fuckboy and a catfish."
by Panic!AtMyHouse October 06, 2016
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For an average fisherman, a fuckfish is slang for the prized eating fish of the area eg a Snapper or other tasty fish. It's called this due to the fact that when the fisherman brings the fish home to his wife, he'll get some bedroom action that night after a delicious meal of fresh fish.
Hi honey, did you catch any fish?
Yes, two squid and two fuckfish.
by somebastard April 04, 2008
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The largest adult entertainment and porn review site on the web.
I read a great porn review on fuckfish.
by David Roe December 10, 2003
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