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A fuckboy who just so happens to be gay, and merely uses his sexuality as an excuse to marginalize other populations, thus making the rest of the LGBT community look bad and providing more homophobic fuel to the religious evangelical cults.
Nothing screams "I'm a fuckfag" louder than wearing a muscle shirt that says "NO FATS, NO FEMS" while the exposed armpits of the wearer reek of rotten onions.
by CannedBread May 19, 2016
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A person who is gay, and annoys the living fuck out of you. Generally, this person is a retarded cross dresser who is not actually gay, rather, he is constantly looking for female attention and saying that he's gay is the only way that he think of to do so.
Fuckfag: Hey world! I'm soooo gay. See? I bought a dress for prom because I'm TOTALLY gay!
Stupid girl: Aww! He's so sensitive!
Normal Guy: Fuck this shit! I'm going to 'Nam! Later, Fuckfag.
by ZestyFork March 26, 2014
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