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Thw combination of semen and vagina juice that leaves a white and crusty stain in the back of your chevy corsica that is impossible to remove.
That crusty shit that you are sitting on is the fuck stain that your sister left.
by Turbo Uzi March 20, 2003
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1. the solidified form of excreted fluids from sex, usually found on linen and underwear.
2. derogatory term or suggestion to describe someone who is stupid and an annoyance.
1. The previous nights activities resulted in a fuck stain the size of a dinner plate on my mothers good quilt.
2. Our new teacher is an utter fuck stain, i wish he would dissapear.
by p.m.n August 12, 2003
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a person who has no redeeming values or qualities, who simply exists, and with their existence does nothing but complain and take from the world. they provide nothing in the way of stimulating conversation, great personality, etc. they simply take up space and own a body.
"Gee, he's such a useless fuckstain."
by caiaphas December 11, 2006
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1:The unintentional remnants, Dried or moist, of Seminal and/or Vaginal fluid typically found on any surface where intercorse has been performed.
2:A person or persons who are a waste.
1:I screwed my Girlfriends brains out last night and now My sheets have fuckstain's all over them

2: That guy is a total Fuckstain.
by Anonymous November 20, 2002
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An insult to an individual that is absolutely worthless and useless. Especially good when used with former lovers or fuck buddies.
You're nothing more than a fuck stain.
by Master Ro April 13, 2005
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