I just want to see if Urban Dictionary is as corrupt as the media and big tech so I am trying to publish the exact same urban word that has already been published for a president that has done more for our country likely than anyone in history.
If fuck donald trump is an accepted word then fuck joe biden should also be included particular since he is a corrupt politician selling our countries soul to the Chinese.
by HonestRich December 9, 2020
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Used to describe the head of the Biden Crime Family, Joe Biden.
Man, Fuck Joe Biden, that cunt is the biggest criminal since Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama.
by The Real Republican December 1, 2020
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fuck joe biden AKA a candidate that smells little kids, doesn't know how to speak, cheated the election, supports to defund the police, wants to take away our 2nd amendment, increase our taxes, China supporter, and will increase our gas prices and opposes fracking. He's also equipped with the worst vice president that is a Karen, a liar, and pressure kids to have 3 more hours of school.
"Man fuck joe biden, since cops paychecks got cut off, a lot of cops quit and found a better career. Now I'm on the waiting list with the emergency services since my house got burglarized and I can't defend myself since joe biden took my weapons away."

"How did joe biden won? I seen all of trump's rallies that are super huge and hyped up. While no one went to joe biden rallies. I also seen so many Trump apparels in the public than joe biden apparel. Very interesting how joe biden won..."

"Mom I don't wanna go back to school! I wish we had 7 hours of school like before! 10 hours is way too long!"

"Man I regret voting for joe biden, my car use to be $20 to fill up gas, now its $60!"
by joebiden18002738255 December 1, 2020
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"1.2 Billion, so you go ahead and stack spaghetti sauce at a store... And and and a supermarket! You control the guy or the women runs the... runs... ru... ru... runs... Brings out the carts on on on on a forklift. What happened!!!?" - actual Joe Biden quote.
Man, Fuck Joe Biden
by ThatOneGuy116 December 6, 2020
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Fuck Joe Biden, the worst USA president
Jack: How do you like the new president?
Zulu: Fuck Joe Biden
by ProkopBizon December 3, 2020
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A Fake president Elect that doesn't know what he's doing
"Man, Fuck Joe Biden, That dementia patient probably can't wipe his own ass"
by Your name goes here dweeb December 2, 2020
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