Used as an adjective to describe something that is either
- big
- ridiculous
- a little bit over the top
- owned by a douche
1- So this prick pulled up next to me at the lights, in his big fuck off car, and I just knew he was going to put his foot down and try to cut me off.

2 - Man, my friend's parents have so much money - no seriously they live in the biggest fuck off house, and drive around in their fuck off range rovers and just fuck everyone off.
by Gertie02 April 14, 2011
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said to people you generally aren't fond of. for instance fuck off asshole or fuck off bitch
what's her face or what's his face told me he/she is the real deal and I was laughing so hard I cried when I wanted to say fuck off but couldn't due to the social reform of society
by SGT.UNsweet January 29, 2008
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1. get bent
2. stop
3. it's too late
4. you had your chance
5. if you're going to play ball.you should learn the rules
6. not sustainable
7. ridiculous
2. insane
3. new job
4. new life
fuck off
by PineappleJuice March 29, 2015
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What you have when there is a tie at West Virginia beauty contest.
Them two girl in the beauty contest is ugly just alike. We gonna need to have a "Fuck Off" to see who wins this one.
by DanoC December 05, 2005
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What you do when you have a "tie" at a West Virginia beauty contest.
We need to have a "Fuck Off" cause those two bitches is past ugly and they is realy uugly.
by DanoC November 17, 2005
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