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Abbreviation for "from the fucking article". Used frequently on Fark when quoting from a linked site.

related to rtfa
Did you even rtfa?

Yeah! That quote is right ftfa!
by yakboy42 October 29, 2007
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From The Farkin Article
Used when quoting directly from an article in a discussion thread, as in FARK.COM
RTFA: Read The Farkin Article, which can be a command or an announcement that you're on board.
DRTFA: Didn't Read The Farkin Article, as in, you couldn't be bothered and will assume to pick up the relevancy in the thread.
FTFA: "While his wife called police in Gravesend, Kent, Mark grappled with the teenager – who may have been attending a nearby party. He managed to flee but Mark chased him and marched him back to waiting cops."

Subscriber: He assaulted him a good distance away from his house. If it happened in the house then that's one thing but running him down when he's fleeing is premeditated assault.
by mrpeachycat November 04, 2007
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Face to face anal. When two partners engaged in coitus are able to make eye contact while performing anal sex.
"Up for some FTFA, breh?"
by Sluggo5922 October 12, 2009
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From the Fucking Article.

Derived from RTFA.
A: This isn't news, it's a parody
B: Where'd you see that
A: It's a quote FTFA. Second FUCKING paragraph.
by Shii October 25, 2007
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