abbr. for For Sure / Fo Sho
I bang this hot chick last night
by brady June 10, 2003
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a word that is a combination of two, for and sure. Usually exclaimed by Fobstars in anger.
by bread infection December 5, 2009
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a way of saying for sheeze mah neeze
jigga what u doin lata??
im not fsho but ill let you know
by lola September 26, 2004
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1. a fun + different way to say "fsho".
2. is sometimes said right after someone says "fsho" because he/she wants to say a version of "fsho" too.
(a) "hey, wanna go out tonight?" "yeah, fsho-sho"
(b) "haha. fsho." "fsho-sho!"
by for:yedianwangzi July 30, 2011
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