fruit loop :))))) YAYAYAYAAYAYYAYYY :)))))))))))) yayaya froop lolop hahahahhaha YYAY :) :DDDD :)))))
fruit loops are gay#$#%%#
by hal0fan May 11, 2022
Don’t type this in on pornhub or you will never want to eat fruit loops again
Kyle: dude did you see the video I sent you last night?

Jose: yep now i can never eat fruit loops again thanks dick sniffer
by XII-NOSKILLZ-IIX December 8, 2020
Dude 1: your fruit loop is really sweet!
Dude2: thank you, isn't it tight?
Dude 1: it will not be after I'm done with it!!!!
by actuallytotallynotgay July 22, 2016
A fruit loop freak out is a category 5 freak out by a person who ia mentally unstable. Typically, a fruit-loop freak-out involves screaming, crying, threatening, and periodically stopping to screech "WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY FRUIT LOOPS?!?"

We all love fruit loops, but not so much as a fruit-loop freaker
He destroyed the house in a Fruit-Loop Freak-Out
by Wypipo whisperer November 30, 2020
Poop Flavoured Fruit Loops.
As I reached my home, the air suddenly sent a chill down my spine. I saw my wife, using another mans Dark Souls Rod while eating Poop Flavoured Woolworths Fruit Loops.
by PikBoi June 12, 2020