5 definitions by hal0fan

when someone thinks it's attractive to call their male partner what a young child calls a father figure
P1: "harder daddy!~"
P2: "wtf we're in a taco bell"
by hal0fan May 10, 2022
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i tend to overdo things often, i tried contacting my therapist about it but she said its natural
by hal0fan May 10, 2022
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cap but more cap
P1: you're getting expelled from school.
P2: naw thats hella cap
by hal0fan May 9, 2022
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If you think there is any other definiton for "frooble," you're wrong. There is only one definition.

Back 2,000 years ago, an ancient being named Froobus came to Earth. This being created the colony of Frooble, being the colony of the froobles who fought against the Corcle, a shape-shifter who wanted to destroy the colony for existing.
Suddenly, a figure came down to Earth, named Frumbus. This creature would assist the Frooble colony, and make history by slaying a hydra.
The Froobles are long-forgotten, but still exist on Earth.
There it is. A frooble is a member of an ancient clan that kills metal shape-shifters... or something
yeah this was a shitpost
by hal0fan May 9, 2022
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fruit loop :))))) YAYAYAYAAYAYYAYYY :)))))))))))) yayaya froop lolop hahahahhaha YYAY :) :DDDD :)))))
fruit loops are gay#$#%%#
by hal0fan May 11, 2022
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