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Chinese Recreational Vehicle

The vehicle most employed by Asians for the purpose of camping.
"Dude, how did they get all that stuff into a CRV"
by NOwaySteve November 01, 2010
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one of the fastest suv's, great for using as a get away car cause its great on and off-road.
my crv will smoke u suv in a off road or on road race
by Shawn April 29, 2004
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Acronym for child rape van, usually white but there's no standard color but a key detail is no or as few as possible windows in the back. Easily confused with a cargo van the CRV will also drive slowly but not to deliver a package but to scout talent.
Have you seen the CRV that dives by the park? I'm always waiting for him to deliver something but he's got his eye more towards the park than the addresses.
by D. Dubya July 13, 2015
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