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When you shotgun a blunt or joint into one of those frozen frosty mugs and fill it to the top with smoke. The smoke will drop in temperature and look like liquid sitting inside the mug. Tilt the mug up and inhale (like you're drinking it) and you'll get a rush of cold goodness straight to your head. Definitely a kick ass way to smoke, and HIGHLY recommended!
"Hey, grab the frosty mug out of the freezer, I want to drink my hit this round"
by TZ November 13, 2007
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a guy gets his face super cold via snow, ice packs, frozen peas, etc., then proceeds to motorboat a girl with his cold face.
after walking home in the snow, when my wife greeted me at the door in her nightie i gave her one frosty mug!
by digiidude...guy November 14, 2011
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