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When a guy wipes his ass back to front, spackling his balls with pooh.
Man, you have alot of shit on your balls, you must be a frontwiper.
by Haywood Jablomee September 16, 2006
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a female who wipes her ass from back to front,in doing so deposits shitty remnants on her twat.
yo inkspot,check out the spank in dat bitchez hair.i bet shes a front wiper.
by grimsweeper January 16, 2004
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1. A chick who is so fat, she can't wipe from the back. She wipes her ass from the front (she brings the shit TO the clit).

2. Another way of calling a guy a pussy.
Big Booty Kim's ass is so fucking gigantic, she has to be a frontwiper.

jaay will always be a frontwiper.
by Legendary Films September 20, 2004
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Typically an unintelligent male with a muscular structure so massive and inflexible that it prevents them from wiping his ass from behind.
He's such a front wiper that I bet his balls have stalactites.
by The Challenge May 15, 2009
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noun. A person who wipes their ass by reaching between their legs, pulling back to front while wiping their ass. Often used as an insult to define a total bitch.
Dude, Frazier called this kid out in class the other day, and then proceeded to call him a "frontwiper." He wasn't even being cool about it.
by Rev. R Frazier January 21, 2009
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