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the percussion contraption worn on the front of the body by blue grass or classic jazz washboard players, esp when the washboard is adorned in haphazard way with wood blocks, scrap metal, bells, etc.
I think Lem's brought his front junk, if you guys need some rhythm for your set tonight.
by Erwin G December 11, 2010
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A male's bulge outline, visibly emphasised when wearing unneccesarily tight trackpants; usually frowned upon by society as a whole.
Bree: Hey Kaylee, did you see that guys front junk?

Kaylee: Yeah, his trackies are too tight.

Bystander: Are you talking about that guys front junk? He should invest in a baggier track pant, or at least choose a darker colour.
by cannas™ September 22, 2008
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