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another form of public transport commonly used in the city of sydney.
ryan: dude, we just missed the 12:07 bus! were totally fucked for our physio appointment.
dale: chill out man, we'll just take the next fun run that comes along.
ryan: look, here it comes now.
by cannas™ August 08, 2008

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A chocolate flavoured afternoon treat.
It was about 4:30 and Andy was feeling slightly hungry. He decided he would have a yogo.
by cannas™ October 11, 2008

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A male's bulge outline, visibly emphasised when wearing unneccesarily tight trackpants; usually frowned upon by society as a whole.
Bree: Hey Kaylee, did you see that guys front junk?

Kaylee: Yeah, his trackies are too tight.

Bystander: Are you talking about that guys front junk? He should invest in a baggier track pant, or at least choose a darker colour.
by cannas™ September 22, 2008

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Portmanteau of 'chainsaw' and 'dildo'.
A dildo mounted conveniently on a chainsaw body. When operated, the dildo twists and vibrated violently. for some, the ultimate pleasure, for others a reason to see their gyno.
Filthy woman: did you bring it?

Gimp: the childo? yeah, give me a minute to get it fired up
by cannas™ August 28, 2008

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below the expected average; not good enough.
This subway sandwich is sub-par. You call yourself a sandwich artist?
by cannas™ November 09, 2008

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