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Front bum can refer to a pussy, or a big, nasty fat person's lap that looks like they have a butt upfront.

See: alcove, bat cave, bear trap, bearded clam, bearded taco, beaver, bermuda triangle, box, bucket seat, cake, chuff box, cockpit, cooch, coochie, coochie-pop, coose, cooter, cooze, crack, crawl space, cum depository, cum dumpster, cuntcake, cunt, cunny, donut, dripping delta, felted mound, fillet-o-fish, finger hut, fish, fish taco, fly catcher, fuckhole, garage, gash, gates of Heaven, golden doorway, Grand Canyon, growler, hair pie, hatchet wound, heaven's door, hole, honey cave, honey pot, hot box, jaws of Hell, lobster pot, loins, loose meat sandwich, lotus, love box, love canal, lower lips, meat wallet, muff, nooch, nook, nookie, peach, pearly panty gates, pocket, poon, poontang, purse, pussy, quiff, quim, rat trap, scratch, sheath, slash, slit, snapper, snatch, space, split, stench trench, tampon socket, temple, thingy, tool shed, tuna, tunnel, twat, undercut, vagina, vertical smile, wishing well, whisker box, womb, x, yoni
Did you see her front bum?
by T. J. October 30, 2003
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When a person's stomach hangs lower than normal causing a bulge similar to that caused by one's bum, but on the front of their body.
This is caused by extreme obesity or saggy skin.
Sometimes when a person wears their trousers too high it can look like they have a front bum.
Have you seen Mrs. Doe today?
Who's she?
The one with the front bum.
by Mark Wade February 03, 2008
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vagina. especially when bald and viewed from the front because of the buttocks like appearance.
I can see your front-bum
by Manpunzel April 17, 2006
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where the "GUNT" Gut/Cunt connect;often happens to females after child birth;can also be found in estrogen laden men

also known as the "Cu-Belly"
Most Mothers
All Grandmothers

Bill Parcells
Charlie Weis

check out the frontbum on Parcells !!!!!
by spaducci June 19, 2007
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