from first to last started in 2002 and went through many line up changes. now it is matt (lalalaa/chugawug), travis (rararawr/chugawug) matt m.(laaalala/thumbthump), derek (bangbang). they have just released their self-entitled album anddd its not there best but its good.

esasthiesaetic - 7.8 outa 10
dear diary - 9.4 outa 10
heroine - 8.5 outa 10
thenew one - 6.2 outa 10

from first to last is sweet as shit.
by coreyx3 June 13, 2008
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Note: Sonny is 16 not 15. sorry. i'm picky. and he's fucking short. anyways, yeah "Me" is right.
sonny moore is 16 and quite nice.
by britt December 13, 2004
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a group of quite talented lyricists and musicians.
also, WHO THE FUCK CARES WHO THE SINGER IS or what they look like, if they use eyeliner, what they wear - fuck that. seriously, if you're judging a band based on their looks or lack thereof, you are a hardcore idiot twat and no one will take you seriously.

anyone who says this band sucks just because they've heard of them from shitty people deserves to be beaten with an aluminum baseball bat. just put image aside for a minute, forget who likes them and who doesn't, forget everything you've heard, and listen to the music for what it is.

wait for a time when you're feeling really really fucking low and sad, then listen to their song 'heroine', and i dare you to say that they're bad.

you really won't be able to.
all their tracks are solid but give that song a listen next time you're breaking down.
it may just save something in you.
from first to last makes me happy.
by mina loves you <3 June 13, 2007
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A group of no talent "musicians" whom have made a fortune by wearing make up and selling their shitty, tenuous music, which could be duplicated and surpassed by bagging a hand full of four month old kittens followed by a long thrashing against a solid brick wall.
I made my girlfriend stop telling me about Heroine, because everytime she mentions From First to Last, I think about leaving her.
by FFTLHater August 11, 2006
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A awesome screamo band like Kerl said but they dont have 2 singers only one. And he is only 15 years old and he is from California, the rest of the band is from Florida. And they only have 2 screamers Sonny(lead vocals) and the guitarest. And there debut album was Aesthetic not dear diary.
Kerl is not smart and doesnt know shit about FFTL. So he should shut the fuck up. Thats what i would do if i didnt know what i was talkin about i would shut the fuck up.
by Me November 24, 2004
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one of the best bands ou there in my opinion (i dont care what you think thats what i think)
USED TO BE sonny matt travis and derek
it isnt the same fftl without sonny =

and fyi the real lyrics ARE NOT
ive been hiding behind the shadows
ive been waiting in the dark

they ARE
hiding behind the shadows
ill be waiting in the dark

actually LISTEN to the song and you will hear it!!
from first to last songs-

ride the wings of pestilence (love this song!)

and we all have a hell

note to self

the latest plague

by []D*[]*[]\/[]*[]D March 04, 2008
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Best band on earth

Person on definition #17 is wrong from first to last does indeed have 2 vocalists
sonny moore is the main travis richter the backing In dear diary travis did ALOT of singing and in heroine he did barely any but he did sing quite a bit in waves goodbye
by Tonbert January 26, 2007
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