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A game made of a heady mix of Frisbee and Vollyball, where teams face off against each other in a fierce competition set on a court of two halfs.


To Win:

Match is first to 15.
Game is first to win three matches.

The Set Up:
There are two teams, who have equal sized courts separated by a low level barrier (approx 2-3’ high), you will need one Frisbee.

The Play:
Each team (and team member) takes turns to throw a Frisbee to the other team's court.

Points can be scored by:

Catching the Frisbee thrown by the other team;
Your team thrown Frisbee hitting the ground in the other team’s court; or
The other team throwing the Frisbee out of bounds (including in to their own court)


Disputed points, if not agreed, will be replayed.

The team spirited jibe talking is encouraged, as creative as it is off putting to the other team, however:-
Overall this is a sport and we expect sporting behaviour
1) fancy a quick game of Frolly?

2) I don't mind if I do
3) frolly good show.
by Somersetfox August 11, 2011
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A colleague that's also a friend.
Sorry I can't meet you for a drink tonight - I'm going out with my frolly.
by AarBee March 30, 2016
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