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n. a temporary mark on the skin caused by the impression of a textured surface.
hey, where did u get that frittle on your left cheek?
by hlc April 13, 2005
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The name of a delicious candy, think peanut brittle fused with peanut butter fudge. Made from a heritage recipe handed down for at least five generations. The Frittle Factory is located in Half Moon Bay, California.
Frittle Candy is a peanut buttery, soft, slightly chewy but with a little crunch delight to your taste buds. It's especially delicious with the Dark, semi-sweet chocolate drizzle.
by candywoman July 28, 2010
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to have bones with are both fragile and brittle. this generally occurs on cold winter mornings.
dude my mo'father bones are frittle!
by lanxton March 17, 2004
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A middle school kid who thinks and acts like he/she is the coolest person in the world because he/she is in middle school, and doesn't realize when he/she gets to high school, he/she will crash and burn as a freshman.
The frittle threw a snowball at KJ.
by Dave Alcorn January 20, 2004
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A Sweet Peanut Treat, a mixture of peanut butter fudge and peanut brittle. It's Delicious!
That Frittle is real good!! Look up Frittle Frand!!
by Frittle Frand February 20, 2018
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