a hott momma, beautiful, lovely, perfect, everyone wants to be them
yo you a fritsche yo! you bangin!
by markiwarkie August 17, 2006
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The Greatest Last Name you could ever Have. Sounds like Bitch OR Snitch Commony confused .

" Hey LOOK its tommy fritsch"
"Tommy's a snitch?!!!"
"No Fritsch!"
"Who you callin' Bitch!, BITCH!"
by hahaBlahDblah February 28, 2009
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verb- To call someone out of one class and into another without much, if any, notice.
Teacher: Ms. Derp is on the phone.
Herper: What does she want?
Teacher: You have to go to Math now!
Herper: What? But I'm in the middle of this assignm-
Teacher: Now, Herper.
Herper: Damn it, I've been Fritsched.
by FireShark October 21, 2011
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An example of what a Fritsch would say:

by danniearoma January 14, 2009
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