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An amazing, charming person. They always have your back and never lets you down. They are considerate, determined, and will fight for what they want. Don’t cross them, because they can be petty and mean. Although when they really love you, they’re clingy yet will always be there for you. Zaza’s are super fun to hang out with. They will seem shy & quiet at first but once you get to know them, they are loud, obnoxious, and love to be the center of attention. They are trustworthy, inspiring, kind, and supportive. Usually when a Zaza is going through something they hide it so it doesn’t distract other people from their problems. Zaza’s are the best to be with and you are lucky if you know one because they are so rare. They will make a big impact on your life.
Someone: “You’re friends with a Zaza?!”
Me: “Yeah! He/she/they are the best!”
by Bitch..! Yes. June 22, 2019
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That dude just dunked on that guy and he is now dead
Oh shit he is probably zaza
by Javalle McGee May 17, 2017
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When someone is, hawt, shexy, charming, simon cowellish, LOL.
"Simon Cowell got's zaza." ;)
by Lex0o0o June 26, 2005
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