Top tier weed (gas, kush) also known as exotic gas or top shelf bud.

This type of weed is usually double or triple the cost of regular weed.
F: I spent $80 on an eighth! It is straight ZAZA!!!

M: We boutta get SMACKED AF!!!

Like in the song Whoopty, by CJ
“Smokin' the Zaza, it go straight to the Māthā”
by Bashanigga January 12, 2021
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weed some of y’all mfs pay way too much for
got that zaza in 50 a eighth
by petiphobia July 23, 2020
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Bryan asked his mom for 20 dollars to get some zaza
by $keptlife Dex December 15, 2020
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-Ahem! The zaza brought by my home dawg Traquvious Janisha Da 3rd was gas


-Green penis
by Zazaking69420 March 15, 2023
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A very peculiar smell that has a chance of being found outside while particularly high
When you go outside and smell that zaza
by Crypt.XML July 19, 2022
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Zaza is a nation living in the east of Turkey. There are nearly 4-5 million Zazas in Turkey.
He is not Kurdish. He is a Zaza!
by Delergecer December 12, 2017
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That dude just dunked on that guy and he is now dead
Oh shit he is probably zaza
by Javalle McGee May 16, 2017
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