A guy or girl that seems to have many parts of them in different stereotypes at once while still being themselves. Since they don't really fit into a particular stereotype he seems to be on the fringe of all of them, so people have a hard time putting them into one. Usually attractive(in order to fit in with almost anyone)and are pretty smart but don't apply themselves. Also listen to many different genres of music. Some people think they are rebels, posers, outsiders, weird, or whatever. But they don't give a shit who her friends are as long as they're cool & don't annoy the piss out of everybody. They hate the people who try too hard to be something and don't usually like to brag. Fringes can be really loud but also tend to be quiet. It all depends on who it is.
ex 1:
Sylvia is so fringe. Look at her with her thong stickin outta her jeans, tie-dye shirt, bomber jacket, and all that damn preppy jewlery.

ex 2:
Girl: Walter is soo emo look at him with that emo hair.

Guy: He's not emo he hangs with alot of the hippies & plays hackey sack.

Other guy: No, he's a jock, he plays football, hockey, basketball, and baseball.

Girl: I heard his favorite band is Nirvana he must be grunge.

Guy: No, I see him hang out with all the Rappers, I think he's ghetto.

Me: No, he's none of that shit. He's like on the edge of everything...like fringe.
by <Andy Warhual> October 26, 2006
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european term for bangs.
My layered haircut includes sideswept fringes.
by ziggarette June 24, 2006
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Long front part of a hairstyle.
Scene people take too much care of their beloved fringes. So much so that it probably has it's own name, age and national insurance number.
Cut your fuckin' fringe 'cos it don't look cool.
by Bpudm September 26, 2007
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The act of watching a television series ahead of your friends, family, or group
Did you fringe me?
You fringed me.
Stop fringing me.
by Agronious January 16, 2016
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A goofy short bit of hair that comes down to your eyebrows, or near above. In America they are typically called "bangs". Some people can pull of a fringe (ie. me) while others look simply ridiculos.
your fringe is cute, cut to the side like that.
by Ali Lansing July 15, 2006
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When it would be in the best interest of the party/s or person/s confronting you to leave and/or leave you alone. It should be stated with feeling. Used by youths in the North of England
"why dont you just fringe!"
"Fringe will you, I'm like trying to talk here"
by Stephen Clark January 02, 2008
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A lesbian's fake boyfriend for the purpose of maintaining a facade of straightness.
John Mayer was totally TayTay's fringe
by Butt_stuff March 17, 2015
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Term to describe a person who is random as hell, but totally nice. No one you would ever hang out with but don’t mind knowing.
Those two girls are totally fringe.
by Ashley C January 16, 2006
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