When your not going out with someone, your just friends who makeout and other things but you dont call each other boyfriend and girlfriend
Matt: Did you see Anthony & Cassandra kissing all over each other?! I think there going out now

Amanda: Nope she told me their just friends with benifits
by Hot Cherri April 04, 2009
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1) Another word for fuck buddies
2) Somebody to have sexual relations with without dating
3) A bad idea, sometimes feelings end up developing
Nick: "Whoa! Look at Meg get some action! Are they dating??"

Ben Dover: "Haha. No, Meg told me they are just friends with benifits."
by Clingbo1 August 11, 2010
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Two friends who can't spell who have a sexual realtionship without being emotionally involved. Tipically two good friends, both of which having failed english class, who have casual sex without a monogamoose realtionship or any kind of commitmant.

There is a high chance of them being dyslexic.... that is, dsyleicix.
DUDE: Hey man so you still going out with sara?

DUDE2: Nah just friends with benifits.

DUDE: I think you're saying it wro-

by jazzalenko August 28, 2010
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Two friends emotionally atraccted to each other sending nudes to each once a week and love each other but not in a realationship
She is my friends with benifits
by Funnyman0620 September 01, 2018
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