Non-functioning or barely-functioning.
Travelling in a fried-out Kombi. Men At Works Song - Down Under.
by Muntedfish April 5, 2016
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is the act when somebody has been smoking "frizzles" or crystal meth. They become "frizzled" or "fried out", usually you can tell if their eyes look a little wider than usual.
Jan: "Look at Frank's eyes!"
Fred: "Oh, he's justs fried out"
Jan: "Don't tell me he's on the frizzles again."
by Kilo Ghost April 20, 2016
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The delirious, tired (temporary)state someone is in when they are starting to come down from their marijuana high; they usually still look and feel high. They act sluggish and burnt.
Someone can be permanently fried out if they have smoked too much or taken too many drugs in their lifetime and are permanently chilled out, slow, spacey, and burnt. A.K.A "Perma-fried"
Homie 1: Are you high?
Homie 2: Not anymore, I'm just really fried out.

Homegirl 1: Do you wanna go out tonight?
Homegirl 2: Nah, I'm too fried, I have no energy.

I saw Billy for the first time in 2 years and he is really fried out, he couldn't even carry on an intelligent conversation.
by weedfairy April 6, 2016
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