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The delirious, tired (temporary)state someone is in when they are starting to come down from their marijuana high; they usually still look and feel high. They act sluggish and burnt.
Someone can be permanently fried out if they have smoked too much or taken too many drugs in their lifetime and are permanently chilled out, slow, spacey, and burnt. A.K.A "Perma-fried"
Homie 1: Are you high?
Homie 2: Not anymore, I'm just really fried out.

Homegirl 1: Do you wanna go out tonight?
Homegirl 2: Nah, I'm too fried, I have no energy.

I saw Billy for the first time in 2 years and he is really fried out, he couldn't even carry on an intelligent conversation.
by weedfairy April 05, 2016
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someone is burnt when they do something(usually stupid/careless)because they are high and it makes it obvious that they are high, or it puts them at risk of being caught.
I am so burnt, I forgot to put in eye drops and I look so stoned!

I accidentally poured the bong water out right in front of that cop, so burnt!
by weedfairy April 05, 2016
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