a trick done with inhaled smoke (presumably of a cigarrette, or joint). It involves sucking smoke from the cig into the mouth without inhaling it completely, then opening the mouth and pushing out the smoke with the tongue while inhaling it through the nose.
i thought french inhaling was cool until i did it and my sinuses felt like shit
by minghi April 27, 2003
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a trick done using the smoke from either a cigarette, or a joint. One inhales through the mouth, exhales most of the smoke, but inhaling the exhalation through the nose, and finally exhaling everything through the mouth again. It's a bit tricky, so you might want to practice before trying to show off your skills in public, thus making a fool of yourself.
Man, I've been trying to french inhale forever, and finally got it down. My sinuses are wrecked!
by GarthAlgar May 23, 2009
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A smoke trick where the person takes a fairly large hit of thier weed/tobacco and lets it out of thier mouth slowly while inhaling it in their nose. The person who does this does not inhale it through thier mouth and then through thier nose. The person just leaves the smoke in and lets it out.
I took a big hit of this weed and did a smooth french inhale.
by jason906906 December 15, 2013
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When you lick the tip of the cigarette's filter while taking a puff.
That disgusting twat gave my cigg a French Inhale while we were sharing.
by Cartkshock April 17, 2016
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to prepare for this intimate act ahead of time, your significant other must grow a decent amount of facial hair of the upper lip and come it downs perfectly. The partner with the mustache will proceed to get on their knees and Preform oral sex on the male until he ejaculates. The male needs to be precise because when he ejaculates he need to hit the back of the one preforming oral so the semen can burst out of their nostrils and flow through their facial hair into their mouth again.
Peter- “I gave my girlfriend a reverse French inhale
Girlfriends mom -“ you treat our daughter too nice
by Venasaurman November 30, 2018
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