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2 definitions by GarthAlgar

Smerbopulated is a state of mind. You'll encounter such a state, after smoking tons of weed. Especially sparingly through the day, to have a big finale where you just get stoned! Being smerbopulated means having that stupid high, where you can feel yourself going cross-eyed, and keep telling yourself "I look so stupid right now." Yet, you can't really do anything about it.
Man, I was smokin' a bowl every couple of hours, then finally I just decided to go all out, I could feel myself drooling, shit ballz, I was smerbopulated as fuck.
by GarthAlgar May 23, 2009
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a trick done using the smoke from either a cigarette, or a joint. One inhales through the mouth, exhales most of the smoke, but inhaling the exhalation through the nose, and finally exhaling everything through the mouth again. It's a bit tricky, so you might want to practice before trying to show off your skills in public, thus making a fool of yourself.
Man, I've been trying to french inhale forever, and finally got it down. My sinuses are wrecked!
by GarthAlgar May 23, 2009
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