let my soul lay to rest #freeme #blazeinpeace
by BumStatusYo December 19, 2018
The word "freem" is an onomatopoeia describing the sound a lascannon makes when it fires. It was first used in the Warhammer 40k themed webcomic Turn Signals on a Land Raider on February 12, 2004, as can be seen here: http://tsoalr.com/?p=58.
The freem freem of the lascannons filled the air as the massed enemy fell in droves on the battlefield.
by nurglometer November 15, 2008
Literally to take the "do" out of "freedom." Stephan Colbert urged his audience on his show "The Colbert Report," during the week of January 8th, to do even less about the war in Iraq and the loss of rights at home. This term pertains to the low level of Americans turning out to demonstrate against the war and loss of civil liberties.
"During 2006, as in the previous four years, American students continued to savor their freem from the safety of their couches."
by S.A. Shafer January 26, 2007
word created by The Colbert Report. The word freem was used in the opening of The Colbert Report beginning on Monday, January 8th. It's predecessors were "lincolnish" and "superstantial". The definition is not yet known. to see possible theories about the meaning, visit: www.colboard.com/viewtopic.php?t=16272
The word freem cannot be used in a sentance, except this one.
by colbertroxmysox22 January 14, 2007
let my soul lay to rest #freeme #blazeinpeace
by BumStatusYo December 19, 2018
A friend with which you have many inside meme jokes
We are real freems brother
by KicksFK July 20, 2019
This word came from the evolution of Beemer which denotes a BMW automobile. The slang we used at the time put an F on the front of slang words which evolved into Freemer. Its final evolution is Freem which is pronounced as it is spelled.
Wow, you must really be balling! You have a really shiny Freem out there in the driveway
by Germaine Kendrick February 27, 2008